Paradise; Brian Mulroney, David Mulroney & Bryan Adams!

We need some humour to combat the tears, one Mulroney is famous and the other Mulroney is infamous …

Why does westcoastpugnaciousintroduce Bryan Adams into this Post? Because one of his hits was about Paradise [not Paradise Papers] and some of the words are relevant. Now way back in 2015, ‘our’ Chico penned a masterpiece about Brian Mulroney: From Lyin’ Brian To Deceivin’ Stephen.

David Mulroney was one of the first knowledgeable and experienced Canadians to provide warnings about the impact of China and Chinese upon Canada. Sad to say, what he forecast happened: David Mulroney, Chinese Corruption & Hot Money.

To truly absorb what has happened here in Canada, please use the search button. For just a taste: Chinese Consul Liu Fei’s Campaign Failed And She Is LeavingBrian Mulroney Again!? PARADISE PAPERSNew Mulroney Institute is bankrolled by billionaires steeped in scandal

A more recent evaluation of Brian Mulroney, who when it all exploded initially, was known as ‘Brown Envelope Mulroney:  Mulroney’s reputation in shreds

Now for the promised humour, this song was recorded years before the Paradise Papers scandal exploded, ironically the words are sadly relevant ” I wanna know what they’re not telling.And I don’t wanna hear no lies. I just want something to believe in. Ah, it’s a lonely, lonely road. We’re on the wrong side of paradise. How True! Bryan Adams – This Side Of Paradise

All we will hear will be political puerile pablum. No action. I am slowly starting to think that perhaps, just perhaps that we cannot keep blaming the politicians..for everything. All of this cannot happen without the efforts of Public Sector employees who have forgot that they are Public Servants! For example, just look at the Canada Revenue Agency: Proof That CRA Incompetence & Inflation Are Rampant.

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