Patrick Stanio Worked In Canada 37 Years But Cannot Stay!

Why Not? Of course the answer is blame it on Prime Minister Trudeau, however the previous Harper Conservatives didn’t help … here’s the problem … 

Patrick is a Temporary Foreign Worker and has to survive under very punitive regulations. Of course, there are other more damaging and abused regulations…how about the federal Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program? In 2015, there were 42,000 SAW in Canada. They can only work for 8 months in a year.They pay into Employment Insurance but cannot collect outside Canada. The Feds collect mandatory Canada Pension Plan payments, but it is almost impossible to collect.

Westcoastpugnaciousstarted to cover this earlier: Leamington;Tribulations & Triumphs. A Tenacious Winner.

But way back, TFW were being brought in by foreign companies [Chinese] and Canadians were lied to by the government and the Chinese employers: Temporary Worker Program/Chinese Coal Miners/Import Workers.

Absorb More: He’s worked legally in Canada for 37 years but the government considers him ‘temporary’  Still want more?   Migrant farm workers and the cruel trade-off at your local produce aisle

Gee, February already, the way things have been going lately I am reminded of the Valentine Day Massacre! So I inflict some dubious and perhaps sarcastic pain about our Prime Minister:  “Put Your Trust In justin” – The justin Trudeau song! 

Seriously, perhaps we Canadians are mislead about Canadian democracy..Trudeau style. We welcome asylum seekers, refugees fleeing economic distress, returning jihadists, illegal refugees…yet a man who has performed back breaking agricultural work..that Canadians refuse to do [for those wages] for almost 40 years..has never been given the opportunity to become a Canadian?

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