Pyeongchang North Korea Military Parade: Rape No Tampons

Unusual headline, not the expected headline for the Olympics, however it does represent a different picture of North Korea. Some pundits are forecasting a thaw in relationships between North Korea and South Korea. Others are surmising that the rhetoric between North Korea and Trump dominated America will become milder.

As a non-expert, westcoastpugnaciousoffers this..many South Koreans do not desire an amalgamation with North Korea. They remember the impact on Germany when the East German culture was absorbed by West Germany. We need to remember the numerous mentions of the cruelty associated with President Kim Jong-un. Will any North Korean athletes attempt defection…knowing what will be done to their relatives who remain behind? Kim Jong-un must be very aware of the risks involved with exposing his athletes to the freedoms and luxuries of South Korea.

Some information about the relationship of Canada and the pariah state of North Korea…it may surprise some of you:  Trump To Trudeau;Are You Nuts,Business With North Korea

Now the realities of life in the North Korean Armed Forces Women In the North Korean Army Get Raped Often And Stop Menstruating Due To Harsh Training

The military parade in North Korea as the Olympic Games commence, make you nervous about peace? North Korea holds military parade ahead of Winter Olympics

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