Political Pandering; Another Apology For The Komagata Maru

Incredible. With some certainty westcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1can say that Prime Minister Trudeau will not blush once when he [as many politicians before him] apologizes for the Komagata Maru incident. How many times must Canadian politicians offer apologies for an incident that took place 102 years ago? An incident that over time has become somewhat repugnant and shameful, but let us not forget, that it took place under different laws/customs of the time. Meaning no disrespect, enough is enough.

In the humble opinion of westcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1 this says what is necessary to say: We Do Not Want To Hear another Apology-Or Maybe We Do ?

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