Popinjay Trudeau Trip To Peru, France, U.K. & Pipeline

We can almost hear the political gears chugging away in the Trudeau head. Yes, I know the pipeline is important, but it is a no win situation..”Yes” I am in trouble. “No” I am in trouble. sooo boring. I will let my acolytes learn something.”

Westcoastpugnaciouswas a bit surprised to see Toady Butts hovering in the background. Maybe he is in charge of the trip activity schedule? Anyway, at least the rumour about Trump hiring him has proved false. Actually, I knew it was false because Trump didn’t tweet about it:  Where Is Nazi Man Butts? AWOL? Travolta Versus Trudeau.

Pipelines versus trips? Trudeau is in a pipeline box of his own making Would you like to know how many trips Justin the Younger has made: List of international prime ministerial trips made Justin Trudeau

I hear on the grapevine that our Trudeau is a bit miffed because he has not been invited to the Royal Nuptials in the United Kingdom. There was another ‘nasty’ rumour that a couple of Brits had mumbled something about the tone would have been lowered if he had been invited. The same Brits [rumoured to be brothers] had mentioned that Justin had never served his country in the military. Another nasty rumour is that Prime Minister Trudeau plans to substitute Butts in his place in a bullfight: Bull Fighting Festival In Peru

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