Premier Clark Is Very Well Paid & Still Hungry For More $$

WestcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1is of the opinion that this Clark/Liberal imbroglio about salaries, car allowances = stipends would make an excellent script for a political TV comedy series, except it reeks of immorality. Unfortunately as often happens [Duffy as a prime example] immorality is not illegal. So Premier Clark, who Griffon describes as the Queen of Mean, supplemented by Chico who describes her as Twisty Cristy can play games.

Political pensions and salaries [and now stipends] are always a hot topic…anywhere. However, this time the Queen of Mean has been caught and wounded by the NDP, David Eby and ably assisted by the precise surgery of the evisceration by The Tyee. Without further ado, here is the operation in detail with added input from the Globe & Mail in rare display of cooperation in the media.

One could say that these Posts by westcoastpugnacious should have been appetizers: More salt In The Political Pension Wounds …and When Is A Salary Increase Not Welcome?

I noted in a remark from Mr.Smyth of The Province, there was some sparks between the Liberals and the NDP when they attacked the Libs over stipends [$50,000 per year. It surfaced that the NDP party had actually purchased two of Mr.Horgan’s suits ! Sacre Bleu. The cat calls from the Liberals “Nice suit’ and ‘Who is the tailor?’  Pretty weak Libs.

Here is some data on various global salaries

A blast from the past [2013 ] 


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