President Duterte; Hero? Demagogue? Or Chinese Lackey?

I had high hopes for Rodrigo Duterte when he got elected President of the Philippines. It appeared he was a man of the people and for the people. Made some promises and kept some of them right away.

Then disquieting news started to filter out about many killings being blamed upon the drug wars. Then he appeared to be ‘managing’ the media to assure his successes. He was a little like Trump issuing threats and sometimes skittery dictums. Then he started to insult the USA and insinuated that he would ask  China to equip the Philippine armed forces. Visits to and from China caught the news.

Some history:  Facebook & Philippine President Duterte=Demagogue?

Westcoastpugnaciouswould remind President Duterte that the Philippines is like a minnow to China. A quick snack and spit out the debris. Just like another nation: Ethiopa: No sating the Appetite Of China At All.

Duterte Gambles on China — and Bids Goodbye to America?  More China: IS DUTERTE PUTTING THOUSANDS OUT OF WORK IN BORACAY TO CLEAN IT UP FOR CHINESE GAMBLERS? Yet the latest survey states is rating with the people is high: Survey shows Filipinos more satisfied with Duterte government than any other

The question that comes to my suspicious the survey genuine or is it fake news?

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