Is Prime Minister Trudeau Guilty Of Treason? – Part 1

Alleging that someone is guilty of treason sounds very serious and harsh, however please consider the original headline for this Post.

Does Reneging On Promises Make Justin Trudeau A Renegade…dictionary definition of renegade…traitorous. Then I considered reprobate…dictionary definition of reprobate..a person of highly immoral character. Wow, I was concerned, because I do not think that Trudeau the Younger is traitorous in the strict interpretation of the word. A reprobate had some potential, however, thus far being immoral, sad to say is not illegal, otherwise our jails would be overflowing with politicians and executives as opposed to criminals.

Now consider this, using my well worn Oxford CANADIAN DICTIONARY of Current English…definition of treason…any betrayal of trust. Sad isn’t it? In a court of law, the Judge would say…”Guilty as charged.” Simple isn’t it. We trusted you Justin, we believed your promises, we trusted you, do you get the message? You betrayed our trust. We believed in your [electoral] promise about electoral reform.We believed that you would help our veterans, you have continued to abuse them, just as Harper did. You are guilty of treason.

Just recently Griffon penned a hard hitting and sincere observation, in particular I appreciated the ending. ‘Trudeau junior is his father-just another politician whose statements are worth only what momentary advantage can be spun out of them.’

Politicians Are Just That

I worked against his father.

When Pierre Elliot Trudeau was first elected as Prime Minister in 1968, I was knocking on doors in my neighbourhood on behalf of Tom Berger. But when PET got elected, I liked him and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Trudeau senior had an air of adventure about him. He seemed to be cut from a different bolt of cloth than “the other ones”. 4 things turned me against him. First, when a Syrian-style massacre was going on against the Ibo people of Nigeria, Trudeau said, in response to a question, “Where’s Biafra?” Then, during the Quebec crisis in 1970, when he sought protection from the military – an organization he had spurned all his life – he told a reporter who questioned his actions, “Just watch me”. And who could forget the election of 1974 when he said there would be “No wage or price controls”, and implemented wage controls a few months later. And, the last straw was the famous finger he gave protesters in Salmon Arm.

Trudeau pere, it turned out, was just another politician after all.

Fast forward to 2015. Now Trudeau fils was hustling votes to take over as top dog. My campaigning days are over, but I still voted against him. Remember how Tom Mulcair stood up against the proposed ban on the niqab even when he knew it would cost votes in Quebec? That’s integrity in action. On the other hand, when Trudeau vaulted from 3rd to 1st place, again I thought OK – he deserves a chance. He had the look of a different man, especially when compared to Steven Harper. So I wasn’t unhappy to see him win. The honeymoon that followed the election was extraordinarily long. With some misgivings I continued to think that maybe, just maybe, we did have a new man.

But I watched the farce that was the lame attempt of the Liberals to pretend to survey the people of Canada about a new electoral process. What can be clearer than a promise that, if elected, the Liberals would make it the last election using the “first-past-the-post” system? Hah. Trudeau junior is his father – just another politician whose statements are worth only what momentary advantage can be spun out of them.


Here is a indicator of your betrayal of Canadians: TrudeauMetre

When Will Rick Mercer Stomp All Over Prime Minister Trudeau?

Another major flaw in Prime Minister Trudeau, he is good at speeches, however at action, he has a low rating for taking actions = almost negligible.

997 B.C.Drug Deaths In 2016-And Philpott=Bovine Excrement.

Try this simple the web for Trudeau & Diversity…lots! Now try for Trudeau Adversity.

“Put Your Trust In justin” – The justin Trudeau song!

We did put our trust in Trudeau…and he failed us.

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6 Responses to Is Prime Minister Trudeau Guilty Of Treason? – Part 1

  1. dj says:

    It is treason in my opinion. Trudeau made a personal decision and didn’t let it go to court. 10.5 mil TAX FREE while veterans get pennies in comparison and are still TAXED to death. The precedent has been set. Give birth to your children in Canada and radicalize them and if they get caught and punished for fighting for the enemy and killing our allies they will be rewarded with 10.5 million. With Trudeau’s reasoning no child 16 and under in Canada should ever be punished for any crime more so they should all get paid by the government because the government failed to stop them from committing the crime in the first place, Trudeau’s soft heart for radical muslims is a betrayal to all Canadians, more so those Muslims that fled radical islamic rule. The latest hijab hoax is another fine example of the more radical muslims on our own soil doing a HATE CRIME, it wasn’t a hoax it was another crime that will go unpunished. Glad the police did their job and the little liar got called out but we have yet to see an apology from Trudeau and the media who jumped on the bandwagon so fast. How many more terrorist attacks on Canadian soil before the people wake up?

    • Harry says:

      Hello dj,
      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. I d not agree with a lot of what Trudeau the Younger says and does. However I must point out that hot rhetoric does not help to promote opinions. For example, there have not been a lot of terrorist attacks in Canada. Compared to may countries we have been lucky. We could say that even one such attack is too much. When we look at the USA, more people have been killed by Americans, than by terrorists. I do not agree with the $10.5 million paid to Khadre?, however from a legal standpoint, it was due. A precedent has not been set. Governments will have learned from this. I mentioned that the $10.5million paid makes a mockery out of what a veteran gets for damages. To try and change ‘things’ in Canada, a voter must inform their MLA and MP ion writing..calmly or otherwise the email/letter will be filed in the garbage can.If you don’t get a satisfactory response, write again..still no satisfaction, write once more. Writing letters to newspaper editors gets the message out. But again, without a lot of heated rhetoric. No one has admiration for ‘radical’ Muslims…not even Muslims.
      As said many times, I am not a fan of our Prime Minister. However I do not expect him to apologize for everything. He is already busy enough with all his ‘I am sorry’. One of his problems is that his mouth starts up before his brain.
      You may not appreciate what i say, but if you follow the ‘procedure’ you will get more results.
      Thank You,

  2. Bill says:

    High treason
    (1) Every one commits high treason who, in Canada,
    ****(c) assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.****

    • Harry says:

      Hello Bill,
      Thank you for giving me a comment and a grin. I have to get a bit picky on this one. I did not accuse Trudeau the Younger of ‘High treason’. I allege he is guilty of treason…which according to my well worn dictionary = any betrayal of trust. Trudeau qualifies on many counts, how many promises has he reneged on? How many important issues has he ignored to follow through upon. A couple of items come to mind. Inquiry into missing/murdered indigenous women and children. Another the Investigations and controls that have fallen by the wayside to nail immigration consultants that are ripping off Canadians and even university students. Both investigating committees are to be polite…in disarray . He has avoided calling for a national emergency over the drug overdose deaths.He reneged and insulted Canadian veterans, he promised to stop fighting them in court. Just a few that qualify for a betrayal of trust.
      I grin because years ago, my wife [Japanese] and I were involved with a contractor who had built a crappy house for us. She was fluent in understanding English, however had a strong accent. The opposing lawyer asked if she understood English..which didn’t go down well. She said ‘perfectly. So he said ” I understand that you wanted to build a high quality house.?”
      She responded by say that she didn’t understand. Lawyer jumped in very fast and said..” You told me that you understand English perfectly, what don’t you understand”?
      Her response was perfect..” I am puzzled about’high quality’…no such thing! You either have quality of you don’t.’
      Lawyer gave up….My point is that treason has various grades of seriousness unlike quality. I would never say that Trudeau would betray his country, but he has betrayed Canadian voters.
      Again thank you for the comment.

  3. Mr. K. Manifold says:

    Trudeau junior is a traitor and worse than Trudeau senior. Go to the criminal code of Canada and look up treason. Section 46 para., c states the requirement to be charged with treason.

    Why isn’t the Attorney General either acting on this OR explaining why this does not allow a criminal charge to be filed?

    I might not be living in Canada as I thought I was, maybe this is really Cuba….?

    P.S. Ask the government about the gag orders which will not allow the CBSA or news papers to publish how many Muslim border crossers or immigrants from Syria are being allowed into Canada.

    • Harry says:

      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. To me, as opposed to quoting the criminal code of canada…leading lawyers to argue the pros &cons of treason…just check the dictionary…ANY Betrayal of Trust. Then you have him by the gonads. He has and still does betray the trust given him by voters.
      There is a lot of data ‘out there’ about the #s of immigrants, refugees who enter Canada either illegally or legally. What is missed, for the USA to match Canada in the #s [ eper capita/, it would have to bring in 400,000.
      Of greater concern to me, just released today…there are thousands of Syrian refugees that have incorrect names given to them during the procedures applied. So in actual fact, we do not know who they really are. So what security checks were made?
      It should also be remembered that Harper reduced the CBSA budget which caused 300 job losses. This has not been rectified. Trudeau waxes lyrical about Canada and Canadians will welcome all migrants/refugees.Not true, less than 50% agreed with him, and that 50% is in decline with all the illegals entering via the Prairies. Now we have smugglers, including Canadians. I like the idea that Hash#BoycottTrudeau could become popular.
      Thank you for your time.

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