Is Prime Minister Trudeau A Magnet For Chinese Swindlers?

It appears so. However judge for yourselves. I notice that Trudeau is keeping a low profile, westcoastpugnaciouspledges [promise is worn out] not to mention the place where he was on a business trip/family  vacation that resulted in lots of ballyhoo = extravagant publicity/hype = 99.9% negative.

I used to advise Trudeau the Younger that he should stay home and stay out of trouble: Trudeau You Should Stay Home And Fix Canada,Or Lose it!

Sad to say, our Prime Minister can get into just as much trouble staying home.

Don’t believe me ?  How about this: Condos, Canola, Harper, Trudeau: Questions Swirl Around ‘China-focused’ InvestorWant some more? B.C. Securities Commission panel finds Paul Se Hui Oei committed $5-million fraud Want some billionaires? Justin Trudeau’s 3 funniest excuses for having a secret fundraising dinner with Chinese billionaires

We should remember these trite political words, when he was queried about Anbang buying the chain of Retirement Homes..he defended the sale “ foreign investment is part of his mandate to create middle-class jobs, economic growth and long term prosperity for Canadians.”  So there!

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