Quebec Mosque Attack; Intolerance & Canadian Racism

The outpouring of grief from all segments of the Canadian population is expected. That’s our nature, a viewpoint supported by our Prime Minister. However our Government conveniently ignores the silent adversity that exists among us.

Here’s some background:  Quebec Mosque Carnage; Consider All Contributing Factors #1

Westcoastpugnaciousbetrays the challenge by saying that this mosque attack has been very difficult to research = sorting false information from the truth. It has become far more complicated because Donald Trump is now the US President. Statistics are vital so will just refer to only one example. The actions by President Trump rely on correct & incorrect information. Digging into that statement produced numerous results,  some more factual than others plus a wealth of observations and comments by individuals that were reasonable.

The use of hard hitting and contentious facts will be the next Post…very time consuming yet needs to be studied.

However for today we need to look closer at home for contributing causes of the mosque attack…have many of you heard or read about the trash radio.poubelle radio? That is mainly sourced out of Quebec city. After mosque attack, calls to clean up Quebec City’s radio waves.

Common sense tells us that the murderer Alexandre Bissonnette could have been more influenced by local media based on right wing sensationalism than admiration for European politicians. He would have been more influenced by actions by Quebec governments and politicians. We should ignore some of the rhetoric from Justin Trudeau when he describes Bissonnette as a terrorist. Bissonette is a murdererQuebec City shooting puts renewed focus on Canada’s far-right

These are contributing factors to the crimes committed in the Quebec mosque.

The next Post will contain published statistical reports, the pros and cons = truth versus perception.  Oxymoronic Hillary Clinton; False Propaganda & Fake News.

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