RCMP Commissioner Paulson & Workplace Assaults Part 2

WestcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1makes mention of the Opinion that was offered by my local newspaper [no disrespect intended] which totally accepted all the alleged sincerity from Paulson.

Background: RCMP Commissioner Paulson & Workplace Assaults Part 1

So, lets cut to the chase, the nitty gritty submitted by some of the victims, in particular:

The RCMP keeps retiring out these ”bad apples” instead of forcing them to face the consequences of their actions.

They give them the option of retiring instead of facing disciplinary investigations, then choose not to pursue many of these matters criminally. Many of these allegations are of sexual assault, abuse of power, corruption and fraud.

The RCMP is well aware of them, but no one is being asked to face the consequences of their actions. To really nail this, I think arrests need to be made. If female Mounties saw their abusers, their rapists, in handcuffs, that would really start the healing.

The same lack of accountability and retribution exists in the Canadian Armed Forces, it is disgusting. Even General Lawson who stated males were biologically wired differently…was allowed to retire with full honours and pensions.

Atoya Montague on the RCMP’s apology

More information about the ‘sincerity of Paulson:

Commissioner’s statement: For the record, my entire remarks at 2013 Senate Committee

A feminist PM and a not-so-feminist RCMP commish

More, much more to come in  Paulson RCMP good Bad Ugly Part 3

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