RCMP Edict, No Buns! Wasted $$ Again & Blame Paulson!

Incredible, even after he was allowed to retire with full honours and pension/benefits his name resonates [negatively].

Westcoastcoastpugnaciousis genuinely and sincerely concerned about what has happened to the RCMP and what is still happening. There are kinds of security concerns, undermanned RCMP Communications Centres, botched sexual assault investigations, poor morale, the list is almost endless. Have not mentioned white collar crime or border problems. Dare I mention oral sex with an eggplant? A Female Is New RCMP Boss! Simulated Oral Sex & Eggplant!

The latest ‘exposure’ is almost comical except it involved a study ‘Dress & Deportment Public Perception Study’ Initially 450 psychology students were involved. Paulson got so excited that he also widened the scope to include 2,042 Canadians.

I must admit that initially I misunderstood the meaning of ‘buns’ …

Now for the ‘important to Canadian  security’ study:  Survey suggests Canadians reject ‘man buns’ on RCMP officers

What this edict actually shows is blatant racism, and our globe trotting Prime Minister Trudeau has not mumbled even one word! Does he not care that many of the asylum seekers and economic refugees will be barred from applying for employment with the RCMP?

I hastily add that there is no truth to the rumour that Paulson wanted to hire some police from a South American country to train mice!  Cops claim mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana. Now for a brief article from 2013 that is so quaint and innocent: Women in red serge: Female police bodies and the disruption to the image of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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