RCMP Reopening 25,000 Sexual Assault Investigations! Why?

This is a tremendous breakthrough in the sordid history of rapes and sexual assaults in the RCMP.

Westcoastpugnaciousis surprised at this huge sign of progress now under way in the RCMP. In my humble opinion…and I do not have proof, but this initiative would never have happened while Paulson was RCMP Boss.

I have always kept in mind what a RCMP officer, Atoya Montague stated ..” The RCMP keeps retiring these ‘bad apples’ instead of forcing them to face the  consequences of their actions. They give them the option of retiring instead of facing disciplinary  investigations. If female mounties saw their abusers, their rapists in handcuffs that would really start the process.”

Again I am reminded of an observation made by Albert Einstein ..The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.

 RCMP Needs A Major Overhaul.Discussed For The Last 10 Years.

Even our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..an acknowledged proponent of feminism stayed away from this….despite some of the abused requesting that he become involved! RCMP Paulson Versus Canadian Charter/Rights & Freedoms #1

Could the so called Weinstein Predator avalanche in the USA have sped up the RCMP breakthrough? CAF Sexual Assaults; Will Weinstein Predations Impact?

25,000 sexual assaults  RCMP to review 25,000 more sexual assault cases

The proven and accepted method for efficient and effective sexual assault investigations is commonly known as the Philadelphia Model: Women’s Law Project 

Canadian police forces are rapidly adopting the Philadelphia model: London Police to pilot ‘Philadelphia Model’ for reviewing sexual assault investigations

Now the next important question is…will the Canadian Armed Forces do the same? When?

Thank you for your patience.

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2 Responses to RCMP Reopening 25,000 Sexual Assault Investigations! Why?

  1. John D Hackett says:

    Retiring, or move the incompetent to another district but still under RCMP employment. Plus, my wife and I smile, they breed like rabbits thus enabling very generous maternity (whatever they call it for the male) leave.

    • Harry says:

      Mr. JD Hackett ?!
      I only know one Hackett, who informs me that he is THE Hackett. Regarding generous benefits RCMP, they also enjoy free hearing aids via WorkSafe as well. Right now British Columbia is the only Province that doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aides. Makes it somewhat difficult when my aids are antiques.
      About the RCMP, most are genuine and worth their bread, it is the leadership that is glued to entitlements and cronyism.
      Take care of yourself…as far as i know…all Hacketts are valuable.

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