RCMP Commissioner Paulson & Workplace Assaults Part 1

Visitors to westcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1will have noticed that the history of sexual assaults in the Canadian Armed Forces has been the topic in many Posts.

An important fact is that the workplace assaults included sexual ‘misconduct’ which is a very polite term for the behaviours exhibited by some RCMP officers for many years. Half of the harassment claims were initiated by males. In addition, there was behaviour that resulted in serious injuries to other officers.

I have always been puzzled as to why the similarities between the CAF and the RCMP cultures have never been mentioned. To me, it is very important to remember that sexual assaults in the Canadian Armed Forces were first exposed in detail by Maclean’s. The investigative reporters listed numerous assaults going back to 1992! The 1998 exposure  rocked Canada with shocking case histories combined with a sad lack of accountability. It clearly laid out details of a culture that ignored facts, threatened whistle blowers and penalized the victim. Sound familiar? It should. It is what exists in the RCMP. Paulson at one time described many of the claims instituted by female officers as ‘outlandish’. In the near future we can examine the minutes of a top level committee investigating the assaults in both the CAF and the RCMP and Paulson was admonished for saying it was like a circus.

One finding from the Canadian Armed Forces  ‘An investigation uncovers the sexual violence plaguing our soldiers-and a military hierarchy with its own justice system, and its own rules.’

Here is recent article about the CAF which gives an insight into the culture: Former corporal wins apology from military over alleged sex assault

When reviewing both forces and the time frame involved, I have always had difficulty in believing that the top officers in their careers [Paulson joined in 1986] did not see anything, did not hear anything and did not say anything.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything … Albert Einstein, and there is a reason why I quoted him which will become apparent later.

To get a true understanding of the turmoil and impact upon members of the RCMP plus an insight into what appears to be a culture of condoning: 

RCMP chief hits back at ‘outlandish’ harassment claims

RCMP’s recent history of harassment, abuse and discrimination

RCMP brass has failed to deal with sexual harassment, bullying scandal: Review

Originally, the headline of this Post stated Two Versions, which became confusing. It referred to the different responses from Editors to the ‘abject apology’ that was issued by Paulson.

Here is the response from the Editor of my local newspaper: North Shore News Editorial: Sorry day

I believe that local newspapers are an essential segment of the print industry. When this editorial appeared, to be honest, I was flabbergasted … with all that was out’there’, it boggled my mind that it could be so one sided. So, all fired up, I decided to write a letter to the Editor. The NSN has published some of my previous letters including one of a contentious nature. However, I did not want the NSN to write me off because of the points I wished to make. So, I contacted the NSN and explained my dilemma and mentioned some of the topics. I received a very balanced response which was helpful.

My problem arose that when I started to write the letter there were two hindrances … I got the flu and it became obvious that my ‘letter’ was becoming a book which contained too many words for a letter.

Part # 2 of this series will include a published response from Maclean’s based upon the same information published in the various media .. a totally different interpretation to that of the NSN.

A sad fact that has not really been addressed by anyone yet graphically illustrated by one of the RCMP victims. No guilty member of the CAF nor the RCMP has been punished, they have all been allowed to retire with honour and full pensions.

That is an insult to Canada, Canadians and above all to the numerous victims.


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