Remembrance Day: Who Deserves Respect? The Dutch Know!

An odd title for Remembrance Day? Not really. Here in Canada, as in many other countries, we remember those who died, we remember the veterans and we honour those who are serving and protecting us now.

Westcoastpugnaciousis having some difficulty with this Post…it has some feel good messages and it has some sadness..and as usual the sadness comes as a result of government inaction.

However let us enjoy the ‘feel good’. Here is a previous Post that mentioned the respect that the Dutch people always offer to Canadians:  The Dutch People Have More Respect…for Canadian Military.

Gives you a nice feeling..correct? Let’s add to that feeling, again with thanks to the Dutch…kinda gives depth to that feel good: West Van woman solves mystery of father’s WW II photo

Sadly, I did mention about government inaction for veterans. Here is a Post from 2013…keep that date firmly in your mind…please:  Who Deserves Respect-

That was relating to the Conservative government of Prime Minister Harper.

Now hot off the press..Nov. 2017 from the government of Justin Trudeau…remember this guy? He made promises [before the election] to Canadians: Injured veterans having to wait longer for service, internal documents show

Still Waiting!!

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