Another Richmond Kerfuffle Over Chinese & Language; Plunder?

Chinese…Richmond…Language, almost a yearly headline for the past few years. Truly a serious and divisive concern. Sometimes relieved by some humour. It has some irony, as it appears that it is the Chinese residents who wish to protect the English language. Driving around most of Richmond, it seem that they have fought a losing battle.

New anti-Chinese flyers distributed in Richmond, police investigating

The latest incident has gone beyond just a language issue and deteriorated into wild accusations, now pamphlets have been distributed that accuse rich Chinese immigrants of plundering Canada. Some irony again, not long ago people were complaining because rich Chinese [who were not living here] had left houses empty and derelict, even if they were worth $ millions.

More Richmond: Apply To Human Rights To Communicate In English

Mr Kargut is seeking crowd funding to continue his fight.

Sometimes we are reminded that this big world is sometimes small in some ways. Excellent report from Bloomberg

The Canadian Housing Boom Fueled by China’s Billionaires

Why did westcoastpugnaciousWCP_flagoutline3_Page_1  mention ‘small world’? Did you note the name of a Realtor DeBelle ?  Well way back in time, he was written about here…!

West Vancouver…Spoil My View And I Will Sue You!

Interesting to say the least, I guess you noted that the house in question was listed for $3.1 million in 2014,  aaaand sold less than 2 years later for $5.8 million.

So I guess we can say that the Clintons hit the nail on the head.

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