SFU Prof. Holly Andersen, Petition To Ban The Clan! Part1

This is one of the most difficult articles for me to compose for westcoastpugnacious Why? Because initially I thought that this was a sick ‘false news’ spoof.

No one in their right mind would waste their time to make a petition over such a trivial concern that was not  even backed up by any proof. Then as it slowly sank into my mind, that this ‘twit’ ..sorry, do not want to upset our feminist orientated Prime Minister…so being politically correct…‘twitess’ was serious.

It is very important to realize that this University Professor is educating the future of Canada…university students. If there are many like her, Canada faces a dismal future! It is also sad that she is not alone in her dysfunctional ‘logic’. Why would I say that? Because unlike Prof. Andersen, I can prove what I say.

There is/was another female SFU Professor who teaches a course known as ‘civil disobedience ‘ = sedition?  SFU/Prof Quarmby-Election Candidate.

As we live in a quasi democracy, I hasten to add that I had/have a solution to this Prof. subverting of our students..Ban Tenure !!

I also note a quote from student wrestler Alliocha Perriard-Abdoh said that the name used to represent family and sisterhood to her, but after reading the petition she sees that it’s insensitive and potentially hurtful to African-American competitors.

So the impact of this petition has the power to rapidly change thinking..without proof. So with some irony, Chico who writes excellent Posts…one following this missive..includes a television report which ironically mentions  comments from an African-American couple who don’t have any problem with Clan.

Chico offers a different aspect on Prof.Andersen and the ‘issue’ over The Clan.

I will continue my written dissection of Prof.Andersen starting of with an old saying..’Get a life’

Plus a comment by John Cleese that is definitely thought provoking.


Shortly after Simon Fraser was born in Hoosick, NY, in 1776, his father, a Captain in the 84th Highland Regiment and proud member of Scotland’s Fraser Clan, was captured by American forces in the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Bennington and died in jail. Young Simon, his older siblings and their mother were taken in by his uncle who later moved to Montreal, where the family was active in the fur trade. As every Canadian school child knows, Simon Fraser eventually moved west, and became famous for exploration of uncharted territory across the Rocky Mountains  —  which he first named New Caledonia, in honour of his ancestral Scottish home. He died in 1862 having left a lasting legacy in what had become British Columbia, by founding settlements such as Hudson’s Hope, McLeod Lake, Fort St. James, Fort Fraser, Prince George, and having the mighty Fraser River named after him. 

In 1965 the Simon Fraser University was founded in Burnaby, and since then has expanded with campuses in Surrey and Vancouver. In keeping with the Scottish heritage, the varsity teams have always been known as The Clan and their official mascot is a Scottish Terrier named McFogg The Dog. The university has a world-famous bagpipe band which has won competitions in Scotland attired in their traditional kilts, of course. Many prominent people have attended the university, including Terry Fox, Margaret Trudeau, former BC Premiers Glen Clark, Ujjal Dosanjh and Gordon Campbell; honorary alumni include Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Sarah McLachlan, Rick Hansen and Kim Campbell.

Despite all this Scottish history behind the university and its sports teams, there is a SFU Philosophy Professor named Dr. Holly Andersen who has started a petition to prevent the football team using their name The Clan. In her infinite wisdom, she claims it is intimidating to other American teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association where the SFU football team competes. The report on this can be found here: Petition against the name of SFU’s sports teams

The African American couple interviewed in this news-clip have no problem with the team’s nickname, but seems Professor Andersen thinks that it indicates that Ku Klux Klan members are wearing kilts and hiding bagpipes under their white gowns, and that would offend and intimidate the opposing college teams.

In my humble opinion, this reaches a new low in our present generation’s race to the bottom regarding political correctness. It’s all-pervasive,  and being politically incorrect has become another way of simply being truthful. Even our parliament in Ottawa was filled with more hot air than usual last week, when parliamentarians of all stripes and genders castigated a male MP for a tweet referring to the Federal Environment Minister  as “Climate Barbie’. A silly little term that has been in frequent use for quite a while in some media circles, yet was deemed dreadfully politically incorrect by those elected officials. Scotsmen are traditionally known as pretty dour and plain-spoken individuals, and Simon Fraser is probably spinning in his grave, that he shares with his wife who died the day after him, in St. Andrews West, Ontario.


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