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Canada Shipbuilding Farcical Financial Fiasco; Again!

Unbelievable, decades of inept management added to a total lack of accountability.¬†Westcoastpugnacioushastens to point out that Prime Minister Trudeau is not 100% responsible! Previous governments, previous and present Department of Defence bureaucrats have defiantly adhered to the ineptitude enshrined in … Continue reading

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Are Politicians Secret Addicts – Fact Or Fiction?

Why would westcoastpugnaciousquestion if politicians are secret addicts? Because some of the antics they get up to suggest that they are missing some brain cells or they are sampling something for purely medicinal purposes.

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B.C. Ferries Inflationary Poor Memory

Westcoastpugnacious¬†could find the antics of B.C. Ferries quite comical if it were not for the fact that that these ‘antics’ cost us $$$ = higher fares.

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