Takes Years To Beat Canada Revenue Agency – But You Can!

No kidding, one Canadian fought the CRA for 19 years and finally beat them!

Back to previous CRA history:  Proof That CRA Incompetence & Inflation Are Rampant.

Just noticed during some research, the same Auditor General last year [2016] made basically the same negative observations in regard to CRA incompetence: ‘Beyond unacceptable’: Auditor general rips treatment of First Nations, aging technology

Now we groan over how the CRA treats a single Mom who has battled them for 6 months…still not resolved, for the child allowance.  Single mom says she’s battled the CRA for 6 months over child benefit — with no result

Gotta admire this guy by the name of Irvin Leroux, he fought the CRA for 19 years and won! Tax Man: Epic fight against Canada Revenue Agency 

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