Tarsem Gill Skilled Fraudster Beats Justice Easily! How?

A Damning Indictment of The B.C. Justice System. Tarsem Gill has managed to ‘wriggle’ his way through numerous court appearances since 2002. Ironically, the lawyer who assisted him in his frauds was found guilty and has served his jail time!

Westcoastpugnaciousfirst mentioned Gill years ago: White Collar Crime.A Growth Industry-RCMP Don’t Care. How about this one: White Collar Crime and The Emasculated  Expensive BCSC

Did I hear mumbles about Ponzi Schemes? Ponzi Schemes Old and New.Unpaid Fines Update! Justice

Anyway, back to Tarsem in all his glory: David Baines: Vancouver property developer Tarsem Gill pleads guilty to massive fraud Tarsem seems to have the traits of a weasel covered in grease…he gets the victims plus the courts/lawyers/justices all excited by finally pleading guilty…then bang he retracts the plea of guilty: Judge allows alleged fraudster, Tarsem Gill, to withdraw guilty plea

Then glory be, he is served legal documents that force him to be evicted from his home. Even then, it is a long arduous battle. He transfers the ownership to his daughter, then to his wife! No shame in his genes: Convicted Fraudster Tarsem Gill Evicted From South Vancouver Home

Tarsem Gill has made a career out of mocking the justice system in Canada.

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