Tim Horton; What I Didn’t Know Was The Good, Bad & Ugly!

Actually, I learned more about Tim Hortons from a report first published in 2006.

Coincidently, with a new friend that westcoastpugnaciouswas just introduced to..similar defects etc. Born in Britland, similar accent and ailments, he is a fan of Timmies. I have been to the big T more often in the past 2 weeks than in the past 2 years.

It seems to have declined from what I remembered, the food had lost its taste [memories are made of this]. Then I remembered, the donuts etc used to be made onsite. Now they are shipped frozen and warmed up. I like to have a cappuccino coffee with a little chocolate sprinkled on it…and stirred. My sarcasm leaps out..no tea spoons, unless I wanted to use a soup spoon. I asked for a tea spoon and was advised to use a stir stick. I felt like shouting that you cannot stir a coffee with a damn stir stick.

Memories are made of this: Tim Horton; Who Will Win? Canadianess Or Americanism? Now really going back in time: Unasked Questions For Tim Hortons Caira Part 2.

How about an expose that I missed in 2006: The true story of how Tim Hortons was founded on greed and betrayal

A very focussed evaluation of the barbarian conglomerate that owns Timmies. Tim Hortons saga: the killing of another Canadian business icon

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