Tim Horton. Warren Buffett.Great White North.Barbarians!

The burger battle..who will be the winner? Guess? I remember when Tim Horton’s was ‘the’ place to go. It was Canadian, the food was tasty and the coffee was delicious. The employees appeared to be happy and pleasant. A Canadian icon! We have so few.

Then westcoastpugnaciouswent to Manila and received a big shock, Tim Horton’s had a huge employment centre there. This was around the time when temporary foreign workers [TFW] could be paid 15% less than minimum wage! This did not match my image/vision of Timmies.   Tim Horton Suffers Attack of Indigestion Via Barbarians How Low Can You Go Tim Horton? Time Will Tell! Part 1

Actually there have been attacks of barbarian indigestion quite frequently, here is one from 2015.  Tim Hortons confirms layoffs for office workers

I guess Warren Buffett [ a biiig investor/ in Hortons with the other American barbarians, could see trouble piling up and decided to take out his $3 billion. Warren Buffett about to add $3 billion back to his cash pile courtesy of Tim Hortons’ owner

more coming.

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