Top Secret Canadian Submarine Versus North Korean Subs!

I feel very humble today, CBC revealed something earth shattering today that must have astounded every Canadian…and it concerns our submarines.

However, here is some history which is essential to truly comprehend what CBC has revealed:  Canadian Submarines Built in 1980’s Are Modern! Who Says?

Westcoastpugnacioushastens to state that I admire CBC for most of what  it investigates and reports upon. This time they have exceeded all expectations of excellence…Canada has a top secret submarine! Everyone has been surprised, never mentioned anywhere before! Don’t believe me? Inside a top secret Canadian submarine

And I was sarcastically describing our submarines as Yugo class. Hey, North Korea has Yugo class submarines that are so dangerous, that to protect mankind, they are being decommissioned . North Korea Has Lots of Submarines (But Just How Dangerous Are They?)

But fear not, other countries can come to our aid…right? After all there are lots of submarines that our allies [not including Trump because he would mention NAFTA= nothing is free]  Top 10 Countries with most Submarines in the World | 2016[polite insult] by the antics of our globe trotting parody of a Canadian leader Justin the Younger…like father like son comes to mind. Dare I use some gentle sarcasm, he is a Yugo Class Politician.

Some friends have suggested that Tricky Dicky Nixon had Watergate and left, can we hope that Justin will leave after his IndiaGate? And he will be remembered forever as Tricky Trudeau?

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