Trudeau/Butts Insulted Canada With Nazi Comment; The Cure


Gerald Butts aka Toady Butts, the head honcho [and long time personal friend of Trudeau the Younger] insulted Canada and many other nations with his comment re. Nazis. This goes beyond being a juvenile goofball. This is not the first time Butts has insulted Canadians

Did Prime Minister Trudeau at least issue a public reprimand for this insult? No! Nothing! Nada! So in other words he condoned the miserable action by Toady Butts. How low can he go, even Donald Trump would never uttered such an insult. Westcoastpugnaciousdid not have to dig very deep to find descriptive gems about Trudeau  His mouth seems to be in gear before his brain = IMM = Instant Motor Mouth, Gotta give him a lopsided semi compliment..he never said anything this time, a sign of political cowardice ? For Justin Trudeau, it is difficult to say he is politically astute. A much admired and deep thinker.

 Trudeau’s Toady Gerald Butts,Insults Canadians!Part 1 to Justin Trudeau Loves Canned Worms.

The truth and nothing but the truth, how often do you hear that? Trudeau’s top advisor: Those who laughed at ‘peoplekind’ comment are Nazis

A brief yet harsh reminder of what Nazi means to millions of human beings: Buchenwald Nazi Concentration Camp Liberation footage – stock footage

It should also be remembered that being Jewish was noy the only criteria for being placed in these camps. Being gay was a ‘qualifier’ being a priest, being a Russian prisoner of war, being against the Hitler regime, being a gypsy, the list was almost all encompassing !

Butts, you should quit..and be lucky to walk away, I strongly suggest that [although it is against Liberal doctrine] severance!

Gee, I nearly forgot[also against Liberal doctrine] no cushy sinecures.

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2 Responses to Trudeau/Butts Insulted Canada With Nazi Comment; The Cure

  1. Ken says:

    These two aszsholes are a joke. If I’m a nazi, then he’s probably a homo. How do people like this survive, good grief. Idiots, both of them!

    • Harry says:

      Hello Ken,
      As always we appreciate comments and we answer all. I agree with your opinion about Trudeau and Toady Butts. I prefer humour and or sarcasm as comments. They have more impact as opposed to using asshole. Both of them a way past their best before date, in fact I doubt if either of them ever had a best before. Butts using the word Nazi to label any nationality just for not liking what Trudeau said was an insult. Yet it is significant that Trudeau never fired him, he did not even reprimand Butts for the insult. Enough said. Hopefully Trudeau will be deposed before the next election. My concern is that the other political leaders do not inspire me.
      Thank you for your time.

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