Trudeau You Should Stay Home And Fix Canada, Or Lose It!

Prime Minister Trudeau, do you remember any of the promises you have not kept?

 Justin Trudeau; The ‘No Action’ Prime Minister Of Canada!

Do you remember what MMIWG is? .. A reminder:   ‘Effete’ Prime Minister Trudeau Badly Neglects The MMIWG.

It’s getting worse: ‘Sick internal culture’ says fired staffer of MMIWG inquiry

Another not so gentle reminder, remember all the First Nations/Aboriginal  communities who have had to boil their water for years..before it can be used.

Westcoastpugnaciouscan hear you now, ‘my government has improved the water in say [27 communities]” and start to walk away, another stupid aide reminds you that 40 new communities now have to boil their water. More Than 140 First Nations Still Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water

Of course Justin, we are fully aware of your pet activities [foibles]…selfies..adoring fans, expert communications team…the ones you like are with the female fans.

Lookin’ good you are in the Philippines at Jollibee, did you know that ex Premier Clark was there first? Justin Trudeau mobbed at Jollibee as he orders fried chicken in Manila

I hear that you had a cordial chat with President Duterte about human rights. Judging by the cartoons showing the facial damage, you should be grateful he wasn’t peed off at you.

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