Trudeau May Talk Drug Wars With President Duterte Part 1

A very ‘maybe’headline oozing with political caution states that Justin Trudeau when he participates in the ASEAN conference, may, just may have a chat with President Duterte about Human Rights/Drug Wars.

Perhaps our Justin is hoping that President Duterte will not have a chat with him. After all, Trudeau’s efforts in the Canadian Drug Overdose Deaths are negligible: Justin; Tell China China To Stop Exporting Fentanyl To Canada!

Perhaps, Justin is polishing his “Canada is Back”, which is sad because Canada has never really been there. Perhaps Trudeau the Younger was semi-trained by ex Premier Clark who used to shout ” Canada Starts Here.”

President Duterte is a different breed of cat: President Duterte; Funerals, Drug Wars & Contraception.

And lest we forget, Prime Minister Trudeau has an ambition to ‘join’ United Nations:  Canada Seeks UN Security Council Seat Is Not True.

In the next Post about the Thrilla in Manila..Trudeau versus Duterte, we will provide more information about Trudeau..Duterte..aaand the blemished record of the United Nations. There will also be a mention of Chelsea Clinton who is not a fan of President Duterte.

Trudeau may raise ‘drug war’ killings with Philippines’ Duterte at ASEAN meeting

But Justin..remember evaluate facts not fiction.

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