Understanding Government & Pompous Politician Poilievre!

Two very different yet equally important topics. Do we truly understand what the government, any government actually does ? A balanced yet somewhat comical video provides the best evaluation I can remember.

Pierre Poilievre as a politician may not ring many bells, however westcoastpugnaciousremembers him well. He was very active in the Conservative government under Prime Minister Harper. At that time, he had the dubious distinction of [in Parliament] ‘giving the finger to all Canadians’“Screw You”  I kid you not. Some nicknames.. Pompous Pierre Poilievre =Triple P, Harper’s Petty Pawn: Harper & Minister Poilievre-No Family Friendly Agenda.

Now, in the Opposition as Conservative Finance Critic, Pierre has proven to be a thorn in the side of Trudeau the Younger. He is probably the main reason why Prime Minister Trudeau would like to shorten the Question Period.

So, Pierre has changed for the better, he skillfully aggravates Trudeau, he flusters Trudeau …and Pierre enjoys it. Just a couple of examples: Poilievre vs. Trudeau Round 4  .. and Poilievre vs. Trudeau Round 1

Do we understand government? You tell me. Please. Government Explained

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