White Collar Crime In B.C. Could The RCMP Maybe Win?

After all the negatives stating that the RCMP is not interested in combatting fraud artists or white collar criminals…why a semi positive comment by westcoastpugnacious

Why the change of mind from a previous Post?  What Makes The Word Go Round? White Collar Crime? Maybe!

Canadian Justice? Justice Is Difficult To Define In Canada.

Does British Columbia have a breakthrough? Perhaps. There is a new Sheriff in town by the name of Henry Tso. I certainly do not mean any disrespect to RCMP Tso, however some people may be confused. Why? With some minds, when Chinese names are mentioned, they are associated with money laundering, immigration violations etc. Unfortunate, but a fact of life.

However just reading about ‘our’ new Sheriff: B.C.’s top financial crime officer says RCMP will work more closely with regulator, detachments I get good vibes, he has worked his way up through the ranks..he has been in various locations. he has been involved with investigations that involved CBSA, OPP and RCMP! RCMP, OPP and CBSA dismantle alleged organized crime ring!

Maybe, just maybe, British Columbia could in the future see a headline that states that the white collar cops are too good? Can you imagine such a headline?

I am teasing you, another police force has been told they are too good!

Coming soon.

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