White Collar Crime and The Emasculated Expensive BCSC!

BCSC = British Columbia Securities Commission is just as inefficient as other Security Commissions. Makes ‘grand announcements of now found guilty decisions .. does not and cannot collect a dollar. It almost appears that the BCSC is in cahoots with the criminals!

However, westcoastpugnacious was very pleased to note that Mr. Hoekstra of The Vancouver Sun has started a series on white collar crime and the BCSC!

Anyway, here are some little pills that will give visitors bouts of indignant indigestion: Who Protects Us Against White Collar Crime  David Baines A Man Who Was/Is Respected and Feared: $110 Milion Ponzi Scheme Stealing Quebec Maple Syrup.

The first report from Mr. Hoekstra: Hundreds of millions of penalties issued by B.C. Securities Commission going unpaid

Congratulations to The Vancouver Sun & Hoekstra: A Reminder, The Media Versus Political Immorality   some sad sarcastic comments … anyone remember Trudeau the Younger make any promises about getting rid of White Collar Crime … of course not. Now we know why, any actions taken would have affected his co-workers and donors. Now let us be fair, in the recent provincial election … did you notice any politician mention of White Collar Crimes? … Of course not.

I guess you noticed how tough the Americans are with white collar scam artists…they get nailed, even when they are  in jail! Sarcasm comes to roost, can’t be done here in Canada…why? Because the scam artists never go to jail.

I am feeling a little remorseful about all the negatives I have dumped on the BCSC. Checking the salaries of BCSC employees [via The Vancouver Sun Public Sector Salary list]. The Head Honcho, by the name of Hyndman was receiving the same salary in 2006/07 as he received in 2014-2015. How many public sector executives can say that? Not many I would say. Actually, I lied a little bit..not much. In 2006 he was being paid $490,000. In 2014-5 .. $530,000.

Of course you know that I am being sarcastic.

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