What Makes The World Go Round? White Collar Crime? Maybe!

Betraying my age, I remember that at one time, there was only one definition of white-collar = having to do with non-manual administrative or professional work. It was the ambition of many. Now we have another definition  = crime, non violent usually involving fraud. It appears to be a rapidly expanding and profitable criminal occupation.

Some history: The Injustice of White Collar Crime & Ponzis Part 1

Griffon has said his piece about the world and white collar crime before with poetic succinctness: What Makes The World Go Round, Guess and Have a Laugh. Now westcoastpugnaciousmentions a word that makes politicians cringe = shrink back or cower in fear or in a servile way, feel excessively embarrassed . Promise!  Have Politicians Forgot What Promise Means? Updated From 2013.

Now the letter from Griffon! … Need Money?

British Columbian politics has a reputation for being the Wild West of Canada. There is a permanent hullaballoo over money – where it comes from and where it goes. Who has it and who gets it. One thing is certain – on the left coast there is never enough.
So why would either the Liberals or the NDP leave untapped a HALF BILLION dollars that already belongs to us and just waits to be plucked, like ripe apples on an Okanagan tree?
I have always had suspicions about the B.C. Securities and Exchange Commission. Is it there to protect the PBT (Poor Bloody Taxpayer) or the assholes who prey upon them (us)? We have a long history of scams. It seems that, with every new outrage, if anything is ever done about it, (even that has never been certain), what transpires is NOT reform but papering over the cracks. The assholes disappear into their rats-nests and lie low until it is safe to come out and unleash on the PBT another scam. Sometimes the shenanigans get so blatant that even the BCSEC feels it must seem to act or shred its credibility. In my view – they wrote off their reputation on that issue decades ago.

So here we come, by a circuitous route, to my point. The BCSEC has, during the recent Liberal administration, levied against the worst stock market scam artists, fines of 510 MILLION dollars. Unfortunately, they don’t feel it might be important enough actually to collect the fines. Unless you think that 2% might be significant, that is. Let’s do a calculation. 2% of $510 million is about $10 million. Take 10 mil off 510 mil. Hey! The assholes owe us $500 million. That’s a half GigaBuck!

So – what do we do next? Claim what is ours or give the assholes another break? Over to you, John Horgan.


Unbelievable. The United States is considering sentencing reform for white collar crime defendants. Apparently the sentences are far too long and the repayment conditions are too onerous !! Sometimes the best way to make money is when most people say you are wrong and nuts.

I guess we can expect hordes of white collar criminals trying to cross our porous borders when they discover Canada doesn’t put white collar criminals in jail…. aaand you do not have to repay what you scammed.

In fact, Trudeau the Younger may do a ‘selfie’ with you.

Here is a snippet…how many of you remember Tricky Dicky..akka President Richard Nixon? According to Chico our armour piercing political pundit..perhaps Canada will have its chance to fame with Tricky Trudeau!

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